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BioWare Producer Talks Smart Glass, Kinect and PS Move in Their Upcoming Games

As many people might know, I don’t care for motion controls in the least bit. Whenever they appear in the game, they are usually just

January 10, 2014 Videogame News & Previews
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Weekly News Update: Gold Seller Buys, Looses Gold

Age of Empire 2 gets…an expansion? Age of Empires 2 is really one of those games everybody should have played as a kid. Not only

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Xbox One Delayed in Eight Markets

At E3 2013, Microsoft said the Xbox One would be launching in 21 markets around the world this November. However, the company released a statement

August 17, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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Bobby Kotick Confident Consumers Will Be Excited About Next-Gen Hardware

I, for one, don’t think we need new consoles. I still haven’t really jumped on board on the next-gen console hype and nothing about PS4

August 04, 2013 Videogame News & Previews
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Original Xbox Creator Shares Some of the Rejected Names for the Console

So, has Xbox One warmed up on you as the name for Microsoft’s next-gen game console yet? No? Me either. You know you are doing

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Bungie Co-Founder Talks About the Halo 1 Pistol

One of the most controversial and considered greatest weapon in the first-person shooter genre is the pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved, which is simply referred

Dashboard Comments Off on Xbox One Dashboard Made “With Advertising in Mind”

Xbox One Dashboard Made “With Advertising in Mind”

Even though I’ve been putting up with it for a awhile, the latest Xbox Live dashboard still doesn’t sit right for me. Sometimes I still

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Eric Hirshberg: “We Want to be Wherever Gamers Are”

Despite whether or not you think Call of Duty is best played on the Xbox 360 or the PS3 (the correct answer is the Wii

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Infinity Ward Talks About Leaving Behind Modern Warfare

I didn’t notice this, but Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty game isn’t a sequel to the Modern Warfare series (insert how every Call of

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Weekly News Update: Oz, Ants, and Amalur

The Wonderful World of AmericaGee Zombies may be reaching there critical mass in pop culture, but everyone in a while, there’s still room for a truly unique

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